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Circular Systems: Green Energy System and Electrical Charging Installation

Circular Systems is a North Devon based renewables contractor that specialises in green energy use, promotion and installation of systems designed to make the most of our electricity and utilise technologies that help us all to move away from fossil fuels.

At Circular Systems, we specialise in the installation of systems such as solar pv panels, mechanical ventilations and heat recovery (MVHR) systems and electric vehicle charge points. Our focus on green energy generation and utilisation is combined with our philosophy of adopting the practices of the circular economy, read more about that below!

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Circular Systems - Specialists in Green Energy

Who Are Our Clients

Circular Systems installs solar pv, electric vehicle charging points and MVHR systems in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. Our clients want a high quality installation, guidance and recommendation for the best components to use whilst accounting for cost, reliability, energy efficiency and expected life usage. The components and products that we use are designed to be re-used after they have become defunct to manufacture new products, thereby limiting our impact on the planet. Our clients are therefore responsible as individuals, are aware of their environmental impact and have the insight that you can install renewable energy solutions and electric charging points for vehicles whilst having a minimal impact on the planets resource usage in the long term.

What Makes Circular Systems Different?

Circular Systems is a business that incorporates the principles of the circular economy into its core. For more information about the circular economy, why not have a look at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation This is a fantastic web site that shows how we, as individuals and businesses, can change the way that we use and re-use materials in our everyday work places and homes for the benefit of the planet.

Where reasonably and economically practical, we try to promote the use of products and components that are designed to be recycled after their end of life use. All of the products and components that we remove from a project are recycled wherever possible. We believe that the circular economy in practice is a fundamental process that needs to be adopted by all businesses and homes, wherever it is practical to do so. Have a read of Ellen MacArthur’s fantastic web site and we hope that you too could join with us in incorporating and promoting the principles of the circular economy.

Where Do We Work?

Circular Systems provide their services throughout the South West of England. Our business is based in Barnstaple in North Devon and we are happy to travel across the South West. We have many clients in all counties and our knowledge of the area and the infrastructure means that we can offer you the most relevant advice. We work for all types of customers. From homeowners with small solar pv systems to businesses looking to install electric vehicle charging points in their car parks for employees, we have done it all. We are a friendly team with specialist knowledge in green energy generation and use, please contact us if you have any questions about our services.